Preventative Cancer Screenings

At Alliance Desert Physicians, located in High Desert, Victorville, Apple Valley, Barstow, Phelan, Hesperia, Adelanto, Oak Hills, and Big Bear City, we prioritize preventative cancer screenings as a vital part of our healthcare services. Our medical group comprises diverse primary care physicians and specialists committed to early detection and prevention of cancer. We facilitate seamless referrals to specialists for HMO patients, ensuring comprehensive care. Our extensive network includes many urgent care centers and hospitals, making access to preventative screenings convenient and efficient.

Recognizing Symptoms and Risk Factors

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Persistent changes in bowel or bladder habits
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Lumps or thickening of tissue
  • Unexplained bleeding or bruising
  • Persistent cough or hoarseness

The Importance of Preventative Cancer Screenings

Preventative cancer screenings are a critical component of healthcare, designed to detect cancer at its earliest stages when it is most treatable. Early detection through screenings can significantly improve treatment outcomes and survival rates. These screenings are tailored to individual risk factors, such as age, family history, and lifestyle choices, providing personalized care for each patient.

Comprehensive Screening Process

  • Initial Consultation: Evaluating personal and family medical history to determine appropriate screenings.
  • Tailored Screening Schedule: Based on risk factors and guidelines, a personalized screening plan is developed.
  • Conducting Screenings: Utilizing advanced technology for screenings such as mammograms, colonoscopies, and skin examinations.
  • Specialist Referrals: For HMO patients, coordinating with specialists for specific cancer screenings.
  • Follow-up and Support: Ongoing monitoring and support throughout the screening process.

Preventive Approach in Cancer Care

At Alliance Desert Physicians, our approach to cancer care is proactive. We emphasize the importance of regular screenings as a preventive measure, especially for individuals at higher risk. Our goal is to catch potential issues early, providing our patients with the best possible chance for successful treatment and recovery.

Specialized Cancer Screenings for Seniors

For senior patients, cancer screenings become even more crucial, as the risk of cancer increases with age. We offer specialized screening programs that are sensitive to the needs of older adults, ensuring that they receive appropriate and gentle care during their screenings.

Recognizing that seniors may have different health considerations, our screenings are adapted to be as comfortable and non-invasive as possible. We focus on the most common cancers in older adults, such as breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers, providing thorough and considerate screenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cancer screenings are available?

We offer a range of screenings, including mammograms, colonoscopies, and skin examinations, based on individual risk assessments.

Are there specific cancer screenings recommended for seniors?

Yes, we provide specialized screenings for seniors, focusing on cancers more prevalent in older adults.

Connect with Alliance Desert Physicians for Your Screening Needs

For inquiries or to schedule a preventative cancer screening, please contact your doctor’s office at Alliance Desert Physicians. HMO patients with concerns can contact their insurance member services. We are here to support your health with comprehensive, preventative cancer care.